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                  ABOUT US

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                  ABOUT GAOJIE

                  Gaojie Model uphold the "people-oriented" management thought, to make our company more perfect. For customer demand, the pursuit of honesty, professional service concept, present in scientific research, industry, art, medical and other industries have rich project experience, 3D printing technology mainly in the aerospace, automobile manufacturing, jewelry, electronic products, medical supplies, household appliances, terminal parts and other industries, research and teaching powder, scientific research field.


                  electronics, digital cameras, DVD, VCD, MP3 / 4, coffee stove, hair dryer, auto parts

                  medical equipment, B ultrasound scanner, digital ultrasound diagnostic imaging cases, etc.

                  communications products, micro speaker, telephone, computer, etc.

                  auto parts, automotive safety and safety products, such as dashboards, car lights, bars, automotive and motorcycle accessories.

                  household appliances, rice cookers, air conditioning, induction cooker, TV, fanshower and so on.

                  kitchen utensils, handicrafts, perfume bottles, lighters, biscuits mold, glass prototype, etc.

                  electronic video games, toys, game handles / controllers, toy planes.

                  audio-visual entertainment products, leading products, computer and mobile products, electronic equipment and accessories, intruder alarm and sensors, measurement and testing instruments, wireless devices.


                  With their superb technology and efficient service, Gaojie Model, to do our business scope covers most of the North America, South America, Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia and other markets. The products are exported to United Kingdom, Russia, United States, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Israel, France, Germany,  Italy, Canada, Oman, Argentina, South Korea and other regions.

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