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                  CNC Machining

                  WHAT IS CNC MACHINING?

                  CNC machining is a computer numerical control machine tool , refers to a process of the NC machine tool for machining. The process of NC machine tool and traditional machining in general is consistent, but also changed obviously.

                  CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process, where raw material is removed with a variety of precision cutting tools to make a part or product. Advanced software is used to control the equipment according to the specification of your 3D products design. Our team of  engineers and machinists program the equipment to optimize cutting time, surface finish, and final tolerance to meet your design specifications.

                  VARIETIES MATERIALS

                  Varieties of materials can be machined, plastic materials such as ABS (white, black), bakelite, plastic Wang, POM (Sai Gang), PMMA (acrylic), PC, PP, PA, PET, PVC;metal materials such as steel, iron, magnesium, aluminum, copper and so on.

                  CNC Machining Service

                  CNC is especially suitable for processing large, prototype less complex products, prototypes production, compared with the prototype RP, can effectively save the cost. The basic method is the prototype using CNC technology to get the mold from the CAD data.

                  We use CNC machining not only to manufacture parts and prototypes but also to make mold tools, which can be used for our plastic injection molding or pressure die casting services.

                  Advantages Of CNC Machining

                  A substantial reduction in the number of tooling, machining of complex shape parts does not require complex tooling. If you want to change the shape and size of parts, only need to modify the components processing procedure for new product development and modification, some of the benefits of precision machining:


                  Fast turnaround

                  Highly accurate and repeatable

                  Suitable for many different kinds of substrates

                  Quick removal of large amounts of material

                  Application Area

                  CNC machine tools are particularly suitable for the following occasions:

                  Parts that are not allowed to scrap;

                  New product development;

                  Urgently needed parts of the processing.

                  CNC Turned Parts

                      Our CNC lathes enable high speed and high-quality turning of both plastics and metals. The turning process allows for complex external geometries and internal bores to be generated. Our turning capacity is available for one-off prototypes through to low-volume production of your product and parts.

                  CNC Milled Parts

                  CNC milling is used to apply a machined surface finish on plastic or metal or for creating complex 3D shapes. We use domestic and imported CNC machining centers with quick-change tooling, programmed using advanced software.

                  Accuracy Tolerances For CNC Machining

                  Accuracy Tolerances are greatly affected by part geometry and type of material. Our project managers will check with you on every part of your project and will seek to provide the highest degree of precision as possible.

                  Materials Abilities For CNC Machining

                  We work with a wide range of plastic and metal materials including steel, aluminum, brass and titanium to make tooling for plastic injection molding and pressure die casting or to make parts for rapid prototypes and low-volume production. In addition to our existed list, we can provide you with customized raw material as required.

                  Start Your CNC Machining Project

                   Once you send us your 3D CAD file for a free quotation, one of our customer service engineers will check your design for manufacturability to ensure that the part can be made according to your expectations and budget requirements.

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