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                  Gaojie Model  >  AI - Page Sitemap  >  Precision Industrial CNC Machining Acrylic PMMA Rapid prototype
                  Precision Industrial CNC Machining Acrylic PMMA Rapid prototype

                  Precision Industrial CNC Machining Acrylic PMMA Rapid prototype

                  CNC machining, Sanding, Sandblasting,Polishing
                  10 sets
                  Leading time
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                  Product Comparison
                  Gaojie carefully selects quality raw materials. Production cost and product quality will be strictly controlled. This enables us to produce 3d printing companies which is more competitive than other products in the industry. It has advantages in internal performance, price, and quality.We guarantee that all of our products can meet the with strict QC procedure strictly conducted.Gaojie's 3d printing companies has the following advantages over other similar products.
                  Company Advantages
                  1. The production of Gaojie Model transparent abs plastic complies with the international safety standards for patients and operators and regulations such as UL, IEC, CSA.
                  2. Considering transparent abs plastic , the key factors of Transparent Prototypes is 3d print transparent plastic .
                  3. Transparent Prototypes is rendered as the most promising transparent abs plastic with its 3d print transparent plastic properties.
                  4. This product is great and could be an indispensable piece of equipment for every conference room, lecture hall or a modern classroom.

                  CNC Machining

                  This is the PMMA sheet used in CNC, the effect is very good, but because the model is relatively large, can not be integrated, ingenious design engineers need to split, to minimize the bonding effect on vision, then stick firmly; in addition, because its shape is irregular, grinding and polishing is more difficult. Because the stunning. After customer permission, we make a reservation sample of it.

                  Material Capabilities:ABS, POM, PP, PC, PE, PA(Nylon),etc

                  Color:can be customized

                  Files format: .IGS .STP .STL .X-T

                  Surface treatment: Polish, Painting, Silk-printing, UV coating, Electroplating,etc

                  Shipment: UPS,DHL,FEDEX,TNT


                  Company Features
                  1. Guangzhou Gaojie Model Design & Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a star in Transparent Prototypes industry.
                  2. Guangzhou Gaojie Model Design & Manufacture Co., Ltd. has a complete production line and advanced testing method.
                  3. Adhering to the tenet of 'quality for survival, innovation for development', we will rely on science and technology and knowledge update to help us become a stronger producer. We are striving hard to develop more efficient and environmental-friendly products by increasing investment in R&D. At the same time, we work together with the local communities to minimize the impact on the environment.
                  The best of raw materials, technology, equipment and personnel are used for the production of Gaojie Model transparent abs plastic. Its thick aluminum frame protects it from the crack and damage
                  Transparent Prototypes is made from eco-friendly materials to minimize pollution and use of resources in materials and production and disposal. Made of ABS materials, it is anti-aging and scratch-proof
                  Strong R&D capability: Gaojie Model 3d print transparent plastic is carefully developed by a team of dedicated professionals. In addition to that, a lot of money has been invested to improve the R&D strength. With IP65 waterproof level, it can handle rainy days and heavy storm
                  In compliance with the industry defined norms and guidelines, 3d print transparent plastic is widely acknowledged and accepted in the industry because of its longer life, premium quality and durability. Its integrated body offers easy installation, thus, it helps to save much time
                  Gaojie Model 3d print transparent plastic is manufactured utilizing the precision machining equipment. Its quality LED chips enable it to emit full brightness for a large area
                  The product has been greatly appreciated for its durability. Its thickened heat sink helps to dissipate heat more quickly and effectively
                  Product Message
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